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From Adam Kocoloski <>
Subject Re: Incremental replication over unreliable link -- how granular is replication restart
Date Thu, 14 May 2009 15:16:27 GMT
Hi Matt,

On May 14, 2009, at 10:36 AM, Matt Goodall wrote:

> 2009/5/14 Adam Kocoloski <>:
>> Hi Ben, welcome!  At the moment, CouchDB does not have any capacity  
>> for
>> intra-document replication checkpointing.  And you're right, in the  
>> specific
>> situation you describe Couch would have a difficult time making any
>> replication progress.
>> Given that replication over slow, unreliable links is absolutely a  
>> CouchDB
>> design goal, I think we might eventually conjure up some more magic  
>> to make
>> some sort of intra-document (or at least intra-attachment)  
>> checkpointing
>> possible.  I think it will be post-1.0, though.  Best,
>> Adam
>> On May 14, 2009, at 7:12 AM, Ben Cohen wrote:
>>> Hi all --
>>> This is my first message to the list.  I've been watching it for a  
>>> little
>>> while now and so far everything I read about the design of couchdb  
>>> I like a
>>> lot!  Thanks so much for all the cool work!
>>> One of the uses I'm planning for couchdb involves replicating a  
>>> database
>>> across a slow, unreliable link which will never become anything  
>>> other than
>>> slow and unreliable.  I understand the replication is incremental  
>>> and
>>> designed to 'pick up where it left off' in the case of replication
>>> interruption.  From the technical overview on the website:
>>>> The replication process is incremental. At the database level,
>>>> replication only examines documents updated since the last  
>>>> replication. Then
>>>> for each updated document, only fields and blobs that have  
>>>> changed are
>>>> replicated across the network. If replication fails at any step,  
>>>> due to
>>>> network problems or crash for example, the next replication  
>>>> restarts at the
>>>> same document where it left off.
> Is this actually accurate? It suggests that documents are replicated
> one-by-one and that replication can be interrupted at any point and
> will continue from wherever it got to before the interruption.

Yes, there are some inaccuracies in that paragraph.  We do save  
checkpoints, but not per-document.  We also transfer the whole  
document, not just changed fields.  In some respects the Overview is  
really part Roadmap.  We've taken some flak for this before, perhaps  
it's time to revisit that page.

> Firstly, I believe the whole replication has to complete before any
> updates are visible in the target database. If I restart the server in
> charge of replication and then restart the replication it always seems
> to start from the beginning. i.e. the Futon's "Processed source update
> #xxx" status starts from 0 (when replicating an empty database).

The exact behavior has changed as CouchDB has evolved.  Are you  
running 0.9 or higher?  In that case Couch should be saving  
checkpoints for every ~10MB of document data that comes across the  
wire.  If it fails after a checkpoint, the next replication should not  
be starting from 0.  If it is restarting, I'd consider that a bug.

Others have commented that the 10MB threshold really needs to be  
configurable.  E.g., set it to zero and you get per-document  
checkpoints, but your throughput will drop and the final DB size on  
the target will grow.  Super easy to do, but no one's gotten around to  

> Secondly, if the network connection fails in the middle of replication
> (closing an ssh tunnel is a good way to test this ;-)) then it seems
> to retry a few (10) times before the replicator process terminates. If
> the network connection becomes available again (restart the ssh
> tunnel) the replicator doesn't seem to notice. Also, I just noticed
> that Futon still lists the replication on its status page.

That's correct, the replicator does try to ignore transient failures.

> If I'm correct, and I really hope I'm missing something, then
> couchdb's replication is probably not currently suitable for
> replicating anything but very small database differences over an
> unstable connection. Does anyone have any real experience in this sort
> of scenario?

Personally, I do not.  I think the conclusion is a bit pessimistic,  
though.  Adding a configurable checkpoint threshold should make it  
possible to (slowly) replicate very large DB differences.  Ben's  
original point about the inability to replicate very large documents  
still stands, though.  I've opened a ticket to remind us about adding  
that feature in the future.  Cheers,


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