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From Zoltan Lajos Kis <>
Subject Re: Many-to-many views sorted and paginated
Date Sun, 31 May 2009 10:25:42 GMT
Maciej Dziardziel wrote:
> Zoltan Lajos Kis wrote:
>> I understand that if I stored registration data within event documents,
>> e.g. by listing userid's, this would be as simple as emitting keys like
>> [event.registered[i],, event.location] and then querying with
>> "?startkey=[userid]&endkey=[userid, {}]&limit=20"
>> However, for me it seems more appropriate from several aspects not to
>> store the registration data within the event documents.
> You could store those data in both places.
Perhaps this is part of the things "to be unlearnt", but I still don't 
favor the idea of this kind of redundancy. Also it feels more natural to 
me to store registrations along with user data, as this way I only have 
single-writer documents and can limit write access on events.
>> 1. Using a view, which emits ( [, event.location], ),
>> I get the list of all eventid's, properly sorted (without the 
>> documents).
> Depending on the number of events this can kill your perfomance - 
> downloading large amount of data (reading them first from disk)
> looks for me like worst possible solution.
This was my fear as well... I may be able to introduce some 
restrictions, for example showing user events only for a given week / 
month. That
way I can use a key-range for this view as well, limiting the ids to be 


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