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From Kai Griffin <>
Subject Re: URL encoding issue
Date Mon, 18 May 2009 20:35:51 GMT
On 18/05/2009 21:54, Rhett Sutphin wrote:
> Hi Kai,
> On May 18, 2009, at 2:40 PM, Kai Griffin wrote:
>> Hi Brian,
>> I've been escaping the square brackets and double quotes in curl, 
>> like this  \[\" ....\" \] - which seems to work.   I'll start using 
>> -g in curl so I don't have to escape the square braces.
>> Wrapping the url in single quotes results in the single quote being 
>> interpreted as part of the url itself, and curl complains that 
>> "protocol 'http is not supported".
>> As for %22's... I cannot make that work at all.  If I encode double 
>> quotes as %22's in curl, couchdb complains about invalid JSON, and it 
>> looks as if all the %'s have been stripped out and the 22's become 
>> part of the request.  For example the following request:
>> (snip)
> You are on windows, right?  In the regular windows shell, environment 
> variable substitution is done with %ENV_VAR_NAME% (roughly equivalent 
> to $ENV_VAR_NAME in bash).  So %22SYD%22 would mean "take the value of 
> the 22SYD environment variable and concatenate 22".  If there is no 
> such env var, the result would just be "22". This fits with the 
> invalid JSON couchdb is seeing.
> Long story short, I think you need to escape the '%'s from the windows 
> shell.  I don't know how to do this, but I'm sure it is possible.

Aha!  Thank-you, Rhett - this never crossed my mind, though it makes 
perfect sense.  It's a simple matter of doubling the %  (%%) to ensure 
the command processor doesn't try to do the replacement.  When I just 
tried this, my curl command worked fine, and as Brian suggested, I get a 
successful result whether I escape the quotes with backslashes or 
encoded them as %22's.  Now I just need to figure out why the 
HTTPService from Flex is not working...  clearly the url-encoding has 
nothing to do with it and I've no doubt got an unrelated bug in my own work.

Best regards,

> Rhett

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