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From Justin Walgran <>
Subject Re: Moving an attachment from one document to another
Date Sat, 18 Apr 2009 22:26:02 GMT
>"But even if you keep your method, why does the attachment move need
>to be atomic?"

I was concerned about an attachment file being either duplicated or
lost if there was a 2-step PUT and DELETE.

>I'd suggest that for each scanned image create a new document. Then
>you can go back and add metadata at your own pace.

The trick I was hoping to pull off was to have someone in a mailroom
bulk scan the paper, then have someone 'upstairs' create documents
with meaningful doc IDs. For example, "invoice-020023" or "po-20332."
Also, a single scan operator with a high speed scanner can keep
several metadata collectors busy, maximizing throughput.

Making a separate doc per file from the get go, per Chris's
suggestion,  is not a problem but how can I change the doc ID to
something more meaningful after the doc is added? Having a
human-meaningful ID It is a convenience, for sure, but these paper
documents already have a perfect doc ID right on the page. It would be
a shame to have to generate another random GUID.
Justin Walgran

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