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From David Mitchell <>
Subject Building Erlang app around CouchDB
Date Tue, 21 Apr 2009 11:16:37 GMT
Hello group,

I'm having trouble tracking down info on building Erlang applications
embedding CouchDB, as distinct from simply using CouchDB as a datastore.
I'm reasonably confident it's because I'm just not picking the right
keywords for Google, but any pointers would be highly appreciated.

Here's what I'm trying to achieve...

I want to be able to build an application around CouchDB that lets me load
in XML documents (i.e. converting XML to JSON within Erlang, rather than via
e.g. a Rails application talking to CouchDB).  I also want to be able to
extract data from CouchDB as XML documents, again doing all the JSON<->XML
conversion within Erlang rather than a separate language.  The whole thing
should work as a Web service (either REST or SOAP would be fine, although I
imagine REST should be easier as CouchDB itself has a REST interface).

The main reason for wanting to stay totally within Erlang is that we'll be
potentially loading in 100s of XML documents per second at peak times, and
it needs to be highly available.  Eventual consistency is fine, so I can put
together a cluster of servers with a load balancer out the front, and have
them all replicate with each other.  I know how to put together suitable
infrastructure under Erlang; what I don't know is how best to tackle it with
CouchDB in the mix.

Initial questions:
- is there a "best practice" way of sending HTTP PUTs containing XML data to
CouchDB, and have it convert the XML to JSON within CouchDB?  For all I
know, it may be as trivial as calling some Javascript library...  I'm
guessing I'm not the first to want to do this, so hopefully there's a "known
good" way of doing this
- can I build CouchDB views that output XML directly, or do I need to take
JSON out of the view and then convert it to XML "outside of" CouchDB?
- is there existing documentation on how to embed CouchDB within Erlang
applications, or is the only option to go through the source?

As I said, I suspect this info is already out there, but I can't find the
right combination of Google keywords to track it down.

Thanks in advance

David Mitchell

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