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From Andrius Juozapaitis <>
Subject Re: how to ensure transactions over multiple documents?
Date Sat, 04 Apr 2009 11:18:25 GMT
Antony: I was assuming (given a replication scenario) that I'll be
using one node as a  master, and spring would only access this node
for updates, while the others would be used for reading only.

Sven: This solution would simply throw an exception from spring DAO
layer if the object you're trying to update is already being modified
by another thread, before even accessing couch - so no need to
rollback the intermediate state. Couchdb would also throw exception,
if you're trying to modify using an old revision number, as usual.

Andrius Juozapaitis

>> I wonder if there's really a way to handle this in any transparent way
>> (with or without Spring/AOP).

> I'm going to bet that it's not possible, if for no other reason than the
> lack of a low level interposition mechanism that covers updates generated by
> replication.
> Antony Blakey
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