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From Benoit Chesneau <>
Subject Re: couchdb attachments vs storing files on fs or s3 like service
Date Mon, 27 Apr 2009 17:08:37 GMT
2009/4/27 Paul Davis <>:
> Benoit,
> I think that it'd be hard to tell a priori what the better of the two
> schemes would be. I think the big trade off is that CouchDB doesn't have
> access to sendfile, vs your webserver doesn't have the ease of replicating
> around attachments with your records.
> In other words, if this is only ever going to be served from a single host,
> it could be faster to not use files in the main database, but if you ever
> envision using any sharding or distributedness then it may end up being
> faster in the long run to be able to replicate all your data without
> thinking about syncing the external filesystem.
> In the end, I think your best bet would be to measure twice and cut once
> though.
> HTH,
> Paul Davis

My first intention was allowing each user to replicate results, edit
on their own, then replicate back to the main server. So attachements
seem the perfect fit. But I'm a little worry about the size it could
take on the disk (and somehow the cost behind) . The problem is not
upload on the main server where I could control file size, but during
replication and compaction.

I see some "solutions" :
-  limit attachment size on main server. But  will it stop replication
if one doc has an attachment with bigger size?
- one node / user with user quotas on main server storage
- a proxy that limit traffich and do check on db size

Other solution (maybe the best) would be indeed to have a way on
couchdb side to save attachements as s3 bucket. Is this something
possible today without making a lot of change in CouchDB core ?

Other problem is of course compaction, since it will require some
storage to be done, but that's something manageable.

Anyway I will continue to investigate on this stuff, thanks for your answer :)

- benoƮt

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