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From Bruno Ronchetti <>
Subject Re: using CouchDB for a finance manager?
Date Mon, 13 Apr 2009 19:04:17 GMT
I haven't thought about that yet, as I have been pretty busy studying  
and learning the very basics (eg: "where are the curly brackets on the  
keyboard?" - hint: there are no curly brackets on Italian keyboards).

I do love the idea of Open Source, but I am also pretty sure that  
skill-wise I am not on par with the community.

Let's see how the project progresses over the next few weeks.


On 13/apr/09, at 18:39, Jeremy Wall wrote:

> Are any of these going to be Open source and publicly available  
> cause I'm
> interested if so.
> 2009/4/13 Nicholas Orr <>
>> I've looked into doing my own accounting app as well. Sitting with an
>> accountant the main thing she had an issue with, in regard to all the
>> products currently available, is tracking what the amount is for on  
>> each
>> side of the transaction.
>> Example, say I as an individual transfer $10K into a company I'm a  
>> director
>> of. On the individual side (withdraw) of the transaction info needs  
>> to be
>> recorded as one thing, then on the other side (deposit) different
>> information needs to be recorded. This whole transaction needs to  
>> exist in
>> both places so come tax time the account doing the work for tax can  
>> follow
>> everything simply.
>> The concept of schema-less documents now starts to shine as ideal.  
>> I have a
>> few other projects on the go right now and will not be getting to  
>> this one
>> anytime soon. Interested in what you guys come up with :)
>> Nick
>> On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 1:02 AM, Bruno Ronchetti <
>>> wrote:
>>> Hi Zhengji,
>>> I am in fact working on something similar (think of it as a  
>>> GnuCash on
>>> Couch).
>>> So far I have tested the following concepts:
>>> - storing the "accounting entries" as an array alongside the  
>>> original
>>> source document
>>> - storing the "chart of accounts" in the same database as the source
>>> documents (with a special _id)
>>> - building a view that combines "chart of accounts" and "accounting
>>> entries" together in order to obtain the "general ledger".
>>> So far so good.
>>> I am an absolute beginner (both with couch and the web) and I  
>>> haven't
>> done
>>> volume testing, but at the conceptual level CouchDB looks like a  
>>> very
>> clean
>>> and powerful solution for this class of problems, IMHO.
>>> Regards.
>>> On 13/apr/09, at 08:15, 厉正吉 wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>>> I wonder if I could make a browser based persional finance manager
>>>> with CouchDB as back-end database.
>>>> Is CouchDB suitable for this application?

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