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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: POST equivalents of PUT APIs?
Date Sun, 19 Apr 2009 02:54:51 GMT

On 18 Apr 2009, at 21:48, Curt Arnold wrote:

> I've been using Google Web Toolkit and it has disabled (or at least  
> discourages) using PUT in its RequestBuilder object due to a unusual  
> behavior in Safari's implementation of XMLHttpRequest.  I've been  
> able to work around since there does appear to be a functional  
> equivalent to the PUT method end points, however that has meant  
> using things like POSTing to _all_docs when I'm only committing one  
> document.  Would it be desirable to allow the end points to accept  
> either PUT or POST?  Or perhaps they already do that and it is just  
> not documented.

The workaround is for rather old versions of Safari. I'd wager it is  
safe to use PUT at this point.

> p.s. End of my newbie CouchDB questions for the night.

Keep 'em coming :)


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