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From Luke Tucker <>
Subject Re: Suggestions on View performance optimization/improvement
Date Thu, 02 Apr 2009 17:51:45 GMT

On Apr 1, 2009, at 1:37 PM, Paul Davis wrote:
> And then last but not least is adding
> concurrency to passing documents through the JS process. The last bit
> is probably easiest, but most reports say that couchjs is sitting
> around 30% cpu indicating its not really the bottleneck quite yet.
> HTH,
> Paul Davis

Does couchdb supply the couchjs process with work to do while it is  
performing i/o with previous results? If not, I could also see this  
cpu utilization partially resulting from cpu and i/o being used too  
serially vs. pipelined -- ie i/o may very well be the bottleneck, but  
is there some room for improvement before we're actually hitting it?

Wishing I understood erlang better already :)

- Luke

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