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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: Computer died while trying to load couchDB. Help!
Date Sat, 25 Apr 2009 18:32:57 GMT

On 25 Apr 2009, at 10:12, wrote:

> Hi Jan,
>> We're running a Track B Q&A session later today, feel free to drop by
>> and we can assist with the installation ;)
> I hope you mean Monday. Won't arrive until tomorrow afternoon.
>> I also updated the wiki page with more complete instructions.
> Definitely looks more comprehensive. I'll still need to figure out  
> how to update Erlang.
> Also:
> Earlier this week I sent Chris the following e-mail, but haven't  
> heard back. Can you please help me?
> I'm much looking forward to CouchDB University.

Doh! I read it as you were doing this as an aftermath to Chris and my  
JSConf talk yesterday. Note to self: Should not email before coffee.  
See you Monday!

> I do fear that I'll be the slowest student in your class since my  
> Javascript skills are woefully deficient.

No worries, basic understanding of JavaScript is sufficient.

> So, two questions:
> 1) Can you recommend any Javascript references and/or specific  
> concepts that will help me do a quick brush up prior to Monday and,  
> perhaps, help me during the sessions?
> 2) My hearing has deteriorated severely as I've aged. Do you mind if  
> I record your sessions?

I'll get back to you on these.


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