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From aju <>
Subject Re: Interactive CouchDB
Date Tue, 07 Apr 2009 22:27:13 GMT
Andreas Wenk wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> kowsik schrieb:
>> Ok,
>> I've added the query parameters to influences the final result,
>> specifically key and startkey/endkey.
>> Enjoy,
> I allready did ;-)
> One thing: choosing the map/reduce tab and then "sorting pictures by user" I expect to
> all entry's belonging to bob when I set key to bob ... But the result is empty. When
> write "bob" I get the result ... for sure because that is the correct format.
> I think most people will put bob and not "bob" into the field. So a hint or escaping
> with "" by default if the value is not =~ [0-9] would be really helpfull.
> Andy

semi-agreed - i always forget the quotes myself, but i think you should
just write a little help text or example text like:

	try and enter "bob" (remember the quotes)

supposing int the tutotial you wanted to display a fake REST URL 
matching the query, it would look odd IMO that the quotes suddenly are 
there in that displayed URL and not in the input field


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