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From Sven Helmberger <>
Subject Re: Using rsync to backup a couchdb database
Date Tue, 07 Apr 2009 09:35:52 GMT
Evan McLean schrieb:
> In one of the recent podcasts, it was mentioned that to backup a couchdb 
> database you can just copy the file.  I understand how this works with 
> using cp as the important header blocks are in the start of the file and 
> the rest is append only.
> It was also stated that you could use rsync and I wasn't so sure.  Is it 
> safe to assume that rsync starts at the start of the file and works it's 
> way forward like a regular copy program would?  Not that familiar with 
> the inner workings of it.
> E.

Since rsync just uses clever interleaved hashing to find out which parts 
of the files have changed, it will find out that there was only stuff 
appended to the files and just replicate that.

I don't see why this shouldn't work.

Sven Helmberger

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