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From Andreas Wenk <>
Subject Re: Interactive CouchDB
Date Fri, 03 Apr 2009 19:53:10 GMT

kowsik schrieb:
> I originally wrote this for an internal presentation as a 2-minute
> demo/tutorial for CouchDB. It helps you visualize key concepts like
> schema-less JSON documents, map/reduce and rereduce, while serving as
> a simple tutorial.
> Let me know what you think:
> K.


as I am still a newbie to CouchDB and have to learn a lot how to write 
views (I am coming from classic SQL), this is just a super cool way to 
learn even more about it. The wiki is very good, but seeing it in a 
living example is perfect! Maybe there should be a link from the wiki to 
this page - or it should even be placed in the wiki ... kind of a 
testing lab ;-)

Thanks a lot ;-)



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