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From francisco treacy <>
Subject Re: Entity Relationships in CouchDB
Date Tue, 14 Apr 2009 15:06:22 GMT
Hi all,

>  "You would use this method if you modify the key list frequently (i.e. if
> you get more conflicts than is acceptable), or if the key list is so large
> that transferring the document is unacceptably slow. Relationship documents
> enable frequent changes with less chance of conflict; however, you can
> access neither the contact nor group information in one request.  You must
> re-request those specific documents by ID, keeping in mind that they may
> change or be deleted in the interim.


Additionally, it would be good to make readers aware of the
"document-oriented mindset" -i.e. not only the technical
possibilities- and how not to think in terms of joins in a relational

Two blog posts you may find interesting on this topic:


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