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From sftf <>
Subject CouchDB for geographically distributed CRM
Date Mon, 13 Apr 2009 05:36:27 GMT
I search the database for a small (but geographically distributed on 2-3 nodes)
CRM and would like to know the answers to several questions about the couchdb.

1. What is the (read) performance of couchdb compared to the relational database like PostgreSQL?
   Is it usually faster?
2. What is on disk layout of couchdb (one big file or the many little or something else) and
   can we manage where to store various parts of the database in filesystem?
3. Is the current version  tolerant to power failures?
4. Can replication be unidirectional?
   Can the replication carry out only a certain subset of the documents, not whole database?
5. What are the advantages/key differense of the couchdb compared with the existing projects
like MongoDB?

Would appreciate any answers.

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