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From Ramkrishna Kulkarni <>
Subject Suggestions required on app design
Date Wed, 04 Mar 2009 17:34:55 GMT
Hello All,

Please bear with me, I'm new. I have been playing with CouchDB
recently and I find it kool! I would appreciate if someone from the
list could answer few of my questions below.

Consider I have a database-per-user design and I want to be RESTful.

a) How do I list all users by just typing a URL like http://server/users/?
b) Is there a way to specify startkey and endkey while listing such
databases? For example: I want to list only databases of users
starting with "a"

I know this is possible if there is sinlge "users" database with a
document for each user with _id=user-id.

Further, consider I have database-per-blog as well (assume this is a
simple blog application).
a) How do I create something like view (views I believe cannot be run
across databases) so that whenever a user resource is requested, I
return all blogs written by that user in addition to user information?
Basically links to all blog resources.

Probably this logic should be in the application. Fire two queries,
one to get user data and another to get blogs?

The reason I'm trying to do this is because I'm bit scared about
having data in just couple of huge files. I would rather have data
spread out in several smaller files.

Probably there are better ways to do this. Please let me know.


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