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From Sho Fukamachi <>
Subject Re: view collation/filtering with key arrays
Date Fri, 20 Mar 2009 02:50:19 GMT

On 19/03/2009, at 4:44 PM, Brenton Alker wrote:
> Hope that makes some sense, and is relatively correct (if  
> oversimplified).

Hm. It does make some sense - thanks for the explanation. I guess I  
was (still am, heh) having difficulty conceptualising it.

It seems obvious when you look at it but still seems counterintuitive  
to me. I guess I just couldn't get my head around how it is able to  
refine the sort on the right hand side, under certain circumstances,  
but didn't seem able to do it when the "infinity" sorters were  
there .. I'll probably have to write out some solution sets or  
something before I can really internalise it.

Anyway thanks a lot for the explanation. And good to see fellow  
Aussies on the list!


> -- 
> Brenton Alker
> PHP Developer - Brisbane, Australia

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