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From Volker Mische <>
Subject Re: using couchdb for 100GB geodata from openstreetmap
Date Mon, 23 Mar 2009 14:20:41 GMT
James Marca wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 12:07:46AM +0100, Volker Mische wrote:
>> Is there a difference between a custom view engine and the approach I
>> try to pursue with GeoCouch? It still comes down to the fact that you
>> need to store the spatial information in some kind of (external) spatial
>> index.
> The Geo Couch approach, as I understand it (again, forgive any
> ignorance on my part) is an external process that responds to queries,
> right?  So there isn't an index that CouchDB understands, and you
> can't run map/reduce type queries over it.  At least, that's why I
> didn't try to load up GeoCouch.  I was looking for a view engine that
> was a bit more native to the map/reduce aspects of CouchDB.

This is how it works at the moment. The next thing I'll be working on is
_external and view intersection. This means that the external process
returns some results which will be combined with the results of a view.
This way you get (hopefully) the power of CouchDB for attribute queries,
but high speed for the spatial part of the query.


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