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From Zoltan Lajos Kis <>
Subject CouchDB, property tables and i18n
Date Fri, 20 Mar 2009 11:10:17 GMT
Hi all,

I've been thinking about moving to CouchDB, because this scheme would 
fit much better my application, however I could not yet figure out how 
properties and i18n can be
done nicely with CouchDB. Currently in my relational database model I 
follow the convention that my "objects" reference property tables, and 
also property_translation tables
reference the property tables. A silly example:

Person table
name | eye_color_id

Color table

Color translation table

I understand I could be using person documents, like:

type: "person"
name: "Zoltan"
eye_color: "blue"

but where should I put the additional information, like the rgb color, 
and the translations if my aim is, let's say, to display a list of 
persons, using a given language and showing the
eye color text of the person in its real color.
I think replicating the color code and translations in all documents is 
unacceptable. I also would like to avoid using gettext like 
translations, i.e. pulling a long document containing
all translations, and doing the translation on the "client side". Any 
ideas are welcome! :)

Kindest Regards,

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