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From Evan McLean <>
Subject Re: Trying to see if CouchDB is right for our project...
Date Wed, 18 Mar 2009 12:55:52 GMT
> And therefore, I think a better solution for this recursive fetching
> is for it to be done based on views rather than documents. This
> completely eliminates the need to have a special field within the
> document, e.g. the "_document" field that you propose, since the map
> part of a view can extract whichever field(s) are of interest.

I was also thinking that being able to reference views as well as
documents would be very useful.  Following on from the "_document"
implementation I was thinking something like:


        { "_view": "_design/mydesign/_view/myview?startkey=foo" }


might work.

I do like the option to put the documents in situ with a maxdepth
parameter though.

Would we also like to be able to link to documents/views in other
databases (either on the same server or remote...)?


P.S. This discussion should probably be kicked over to the dev list.

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