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From Jason Smith <>
Subject Re: Chance of including CouchDB in Linux distros or desktops?
Date Fri, 06 Mar 2009 18:42:00 GMT
Jan Lehnardt wrote:
> Boy would I like to see browser history syncing without going through 
> "The Cloud".

Speak of the Devil.  Today on Linux Journal:

I mean, all you have to do is set lpath="$(find /cygdrive/c/Documents\ 
and\ Settings/$user_name/Application\ Data/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/ 
-iname '*.default')" and then run rsync -av --delete --exclude=Cache 
--exclude=lock "$1":"$rpath/" "$lpath".

Christ, what could be easier?

(Oh, and don't forget to install CygWin.)

Jason Smith
Proven Corporation
Bangkok, Thailand

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