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From Jason Smith <>
Subject Re: Chance of including CouchDB in Linux distros or desktops?
Date Thu, 05 Mar 2009 15:44:58 GMT
Alan Bell wrote:
> Noah Slater wrote:
>>  What actual problem would this solve?
> well I think that is the discussion point. It certainly raises a few 
> interesting thoughts. One of the suggestions was a couchdb process per 
> user. Not quite sure about this one, sounds like it might not scale well 
> with multiple users. One database per user might well be handy. It could 
> perhaps replace the gconf database.

Well, gconf has its own API and should probably be "up" even in bad 
situations like a full disk or when the OOM killer starts spraying 
bullets into the process space.  But yeah, totally.  IMO if CouchDB is 
really well-suited for a large class of web apps then it similarly 
well-suited for desktop apps, since nowadays desktop apps are 
Internet-aware.  (The whole point of Adobe AIR is to build web-aware 
desktop apps using Internet technologies.)

> If it could do everything for a user, perhaps even with a FUSE 
> filesystem pointing at the users database mounted at /home/user then the 
> replication between machines would be quite cool, particularly for laptops.

I don't know how that would perform, not to mention in the case of 
random-access, but I betcha that there would be fewer files to 
synchronize in the first place if more apps stored (at least) their 
metadata in a database.

(To play Devil's advocate, my argument could be made for MySQL too and 
we don't see that happening.  Some might say that it's just a bad idea, 
but I would still argue that Linux desktop developers are simply 

Jason Smith
Proven Corporation
Bangkok, Thailand

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