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From Brian Candler <>
Subject Doc missing from view
Date Fri, 20 Mar 2009 11:37:23 GMT
Posted to user@ because I'm almost certainly being daft, but I just can't
see what I've done wrong.

I've used CouchRest to create a test document and view. But although the
document is there, and as far as I can see it matches the criteria in the
design doc to be emitted, the view is empty.

$ curl

$ curl

$ curl
{\n                  if (doc['couchrest-type'] == 'Foo') {\n                    emit(null,null);\n
                 }\n                }"},"by_foo_and_bar":{"map":"function(doc) {\n  if ((doc['couchrest-type']
== 'Foo') && doc['foo'] && doc['bar']) {\n    emit([doc['foo'], doc['bar']],
null);\n  }\n}\n"},"by_foo":{"map":"function(doc) {\n  if ((doc['couchrest-type'] == 'Foo')
&& doc['foo']) {\n    emit(doc['foo'], null);\n  }\n}\n"}}}

$ curl

$ curl

This is with CouchDB r755146 compiled a couple of days ago.



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