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From Manuel Padrón Marártínez <>
Subject Filtering a cloud of points
Date Wed, 04 Mar 2009 11:19:38 GMT
Hi :

I have a problem with views (again). I have a cloud of points in a 2d space, I mean each point
has X 
and Y position, and each point is in a document:


I need to make a view to filter a region of space, I mean all the points between X0-X1 and
I've tried to make a view like this:

function(doc) {
  emit([[doc.X],[doc.Y]], doc);

And tried to filter with start - end key (for example : startkey=[[1],[0]]&endkey=[[3],[5]])
but I 
get points that are out of region (like [[1][9]]).
I've also tried with objects, simple vectos ([X,Y]) and still the same results.

Anyone knows how to solve it? There any way ? Or should I make a view for X coordinate, another
for Y 
coordinate and try to make a ""join"" in my program?

Thanks in advance

Manuel Padrón Martínez

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