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From Kerr Rainey <>
Subject Re: playing with tags
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2009 15:59:40 GMT
2009/2/12 Dean Landolt <>:
> This is an issue that has been nagging at me lately. Storing tags in the doc
> seems like a recipe for disaster (that is, if you consider view contention
> disaster). I would argue that tags (and other readily changeable
> user-specific state information like read/unread, favorite, blah blah)
> should be kept in separate docs and bridged together in views.

Erm... why do think tags for a blog post would be rapidly changing?
They would be set by the owner of a post and that's it.  The
likelihood of a tag changing in this scenario is no greater than the
post being edited.  It's meta info, but clearly part of the post.  You
won't have many people try to update the same post, or at least the
contention on that is very low.


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