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From Wout Mertens <>
Subject badarg in browser?
Date Tue, 10 Feb 2009 23:22:20 GMT

I'm trying to run the couchdb svn head and I'm not able to create  
documents or run the test suite using Futon. I tried both Safari and  
Firefox. Troubleshooting further I tried curl:

$ curl -X PUT -d '{"keys": ["param1", "param2", "paramN"]}' http://localhost:5984/test/foo

This error is the same as what Safari and Firefox give me. CouchDB  
itself just says:
[error] [<0.155.0>] Uncaught error in HTTP request: {error,badarg}
[info] [<0.155.0>] - - 'PUT' /test/foo 500

I'm running Erlang 5.6.0 and I tried several revisions, as far back as  
722100. I suppose it's something in the supporting infrastructure? Any  
ideas on what this could be and how to troubleshoot?

Note that it did work for me a couple of months ago, and I switched  
laptops since then, leading me to recompile erlang.



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