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From Pascal Borghino <>
Subject What am I doing wrong?
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2009 14:03:30 GMT
Hello guys,
This is my first post, so I will take the opportunity to salute 
everyone. I started to play more with couchDB on monday.

This is my box:
Summary:    Dell 2950, 2 x Xeon L5320 1.86GHz, 4GB / 4GB 667MHz
Disk:        sda (megaraid_sas0): 218GB (6%) RAID-1 == 6 x 73GB 15K SAS 
Seagate 15K.5
OS:        RHEL AS 4 U4, Linux 2.6.9-42.ELsmp i686, 32-bit

As you can see :

I have loaded over 7M documents. The original text file was 19Go, I 
splitted in 20000 docs pages and started 4 processes to load everything 
in parallel on couchdb.
The whole process took over 16 hours so roughtly 130 doc /s.

Everything went great, I am just really surprise of the result.

 From a 19Go text file, my test.couch file reached 83Go! How come? I am 
just really surprise of this result.

I am currently compacting it... even  if 'Compaction rewrites the 
database file, removing outdated document revisions and deleted 
documents'... no document should be outdate neither deleted...

83G Feb 20 02:40 test.couch
15G Feb 20 13:52 test.couch.compact

Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks in advance

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