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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject The Scope of this Mailing List (
Date Sun, 08 Feb 2009 11:47:52 GMT
Dear user@ list,

Roy from the ASF gave a hint that we should remind
this list what it is meant for. This is not in response to
any particular post or any particular person.

 From the ASF point of view, the user@ mailing list is
entirely optional for a project. It is for users to have
a place to talk. In my opinion, user@ is a great place
to talk about CouchDB today and there's nothing
wrong with that.

Turns out though that some discussions about bugs
or feature improvements happened on user@. These
are natural to come up here, but we're advised to
move them to dev@ without discussion. Anything
development related should be talked about on
dev@. If you are not yet subscribed to dev@ and
are interested in shaping the future of CouchDB,
let this be your invite :) Also, thanks.


That said, what's going on here on user@ is a
valuable resource to the CouchDB community
and I'd like to thank everyone for helping out
each other here. CouchDB wouldn't be where
it is today without you!



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