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From Chris Anderson <>
Subject Re: Some CouchDB Qs & As
Date Sun, 25 Jan 2009 17:16:45 GMT
On Sun, Jan 25, 2009 at 4:09 AM, Brian Candler <> wrote:
> As a newbie, I had some questions which I still had after reading the wiki
> and the book so far, so I thought I'd do some experiments to find the
> answers.
> I'm just posting them here in case it's useful to anyone else, or it could
> provide some ideas when writing the book.


Awesome work digging into details here. You asked and answered a lot
of questions I've occasionally wondered about. Most of the behavior
you uncovered seems correct, but some of it makes me curious about
other questions.

> (1a) Does CouchDB store the raw JSON which it receives, character by
> character, or does it convert to and from an internal representation?

We can also check to see if the various JSON representations of
unicode characters are preserved:

$ cat unicodes.json
{"slashed":"\u0444", "raw":"ф"}

$ curl -T unicodes.json

$ curl

Looks like we canonicalize them to their escaped encodings.

> This suggests that the JSON is converted into some internal representation,
> and then converted back to JSON.

> (3) It is documented (but not stressed) that a document is a JSON object, as
> opposed to any JSON value, but I thought I'd check that too:
> $ cat test3.dat
> ["wibble","bibble"]
> $ curl -T test3.dat
> {"error":"error","reason":"function_clause"}

That error message is horrendous. I just committed a change, now you'll get:

{"error":"invalid_json_object","reason":"Document must be a JSON object"}

> OK, what about if you submit with a new content_type and/or length?
> So it looks like the attributes of the attachment are ignored. (This begs
> the question: is it possible to change the content_type of an attachment
> without re-uploading it? But that's probably not very useful anyway)

There was also talk about adding the COPY and MOVE verbs for
attachment management. I'd have to dig into the code to see if
changing the content-type will require rewriting the attachment, or if
it only requires changing the doc meta.

> Answer: The presence of _rev indicates whether the document already exists
> or not, so whilst _id is ignored, _rev must be removed if you are going to
> make a copy of an existing document.

One could probably do a whole series of experiments to see how _rev is
treated under the COPY and MOVE verbs (which are implemented for
documents). Also, some of these experiments are likely codified as
part of the test suite.


Chris Anderson

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