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From "Chris Anderson" <>
Subject Re: 405 Method Not Allowed
Date Sat, 10 Jan 2009 06:33:33 GMT
On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 8:35 PM, Jeff Hinrichs - DM&T <> wrote:

> I was at 0.8 and getting the 405's so I  upped my couchdb to the latest in
> svn and the couchdb-python interface appeared to work, attachemnts didn't
> create errors but futon was borked when viewing with Firefox 3.0.5 -- it
> wouldn't list the contents of the couchdbs and views didn't work in futon.
> So I downgraded back to 0.8.1 by svn tags.

There are enough good reasons to be on trunk, to stay upgraded.

The Futon thing is a known FF3 beta bug that's slated to be fixed for
release. There's a patch in the Jira to temporarily fix Futon for FF3:

The bandaid is a little hackish, so my gut says to let FF handle
fixing this, but if there's enough people on Beta 3 maybe we should
apply this to trunk.

Chris Anderson

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