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From "Paul Davis" <>
Subject Re: hierarchies with inheritance
Date Fri, 02 Jan 2009 21:59:27 GMT

Nothing that wouldn't require at least some client side processing.
(No Map/Reduce tricks spring to mind anyway.)

Though in general what you probably want instead of the hierarchy is
to be able to clone a config and then only change what needs changing.
If you're coming from RDBMS land, that probably breaks your better
sense of normalization, but that's a step we all have to overcome in
the transition :D

Paul Davis

On Fri, Jan 2, 2009 at 3:45 PM, Simon Porritt <> wrote:
> I'm wondering if anyone has some tricks up their sleeve to do with
> hierarchical data and inheritance.
> I've seen this on the Wiki:
> So the scenario I'm interested in is something like this:
> i have websites in several countries.  there is a unique set of operational
> settings required for each site - two good examples are the language it uses
> and the currency it trades in.  i want to store these settings in couchdb in
> such a way that each site has a "parent" site, from which it derives
> values.  i will have one document that models the top of the inheritance
> hierarchy, and in it i will put default values - let's say USD and US
> English.  then i will have a document for my Australian sites.  it will not
> bother to override the language, but it will want to say that currency is
> AUD.  so now i have this:
> root:
> {
>  _id:"root",
> _rev:"123",
> parent:null,
> language:"en_US",
> currency:"USD"
> }
> australia:
> {
> _id:"australia"
> _rev:"123",
> parent:"root",
> currency:"AUD"
> }
> is there a fancy way of writing a view that would allow me to get the
> "australia" document returned with a language value of "en_US"?  I know i
> can do this in the client : )  But i don't want to - and that is because i
> like the idea of one of my business people coming along and being able to
> run "ad-hoc" queries about our data.  what if someone suddenly decided they
> wanted to know how many sites are using US English, for example?  if every
> document had the language value set it would be a snack, but then all the
> power of inheritance would be lost.
> does this make sense?  i hope i've explained it adequately.
> thanks
> Simon
> ps. i know i can do this in the client : )

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