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From Gaspard Bucher <>
Subject couchdb as backend for a CMS
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2009 23:11:47 GMT
Hi list !

I am investigating couchDB as a possible replacement for MySQL in a CMS.

Some reasons I think it could be good for the job:

1. STI (all objects in the CMS are sub-classes of Node)
2. dynamic attributes (a table stores key/value pairs)
3. no need for "content" tables attached to the main "nodes" table for
specialized content (image, contact)

Some reasons I think it would be tricky to use couchDB:

1. relations between nodes (these relations are defined through the
"links" table with a "relation_id" to define the type of link): no
idea how this could be implemented in couchDB
2. chained relations ("images from favorites from friends" ==> follow
two links (favorites, friends) and filter by class type (image)).

Sorry if this is a very common newbie question.

Some pictures of the data model:


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