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From Kerr Rainey <>
Subject Re: Current CouchDB state?
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2009 11:48:25 GMT
2009/1/28 Antony Blakey <>:
>>> And furthermore, where's the community discussion about this?
>> I think this might be the community discussion.
> Rather after the fact, isn't it?

CouchDB has assumed multiple nodes from it's inception.  So any
discussion that alters that basic principal is going to be after the
fact.  The project wasn't set up as blank page with a group of people
discussing what they wanted to do, it was a single persons vision.  A
vision that other people thought was cool and have come together to
make it better.

Jumping all over principal assumptions of the platform and then
complaining that there has been no discussion is just silly.  It's not
that this can't be discussed, I'm sure everyone here is open to any
discussion on any aspect of CouchDB, but it does have momentum you may
have to overcome.

So we can have the discussion, but don't get bent out of shape just
because the current strategy hasn't been discussed when that strategy
was brought into the project from the start.


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