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From Josh Bryan <>
Subject Write Performance
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2009 00:37:32 GMT

I am looking into CouchDB as a solution to store a bunch (approx 70
million) archived documents.  While planning for the import process, I
did some benchmarking to figure out how long the import will take.  I
get about 50-70 inserts per second on average.  However, when I looked
for the bottleneck, I couldn't figure it out.  I am connected to the
database via a fast lan and can verify that the network is not
saturated.  I can also verify that disk IO is not saturated.  The only
clue is that of the 4 cpus on the server, it seems that only one is
getting fully loaded.  Also, of the 5 erlang processes I can see
running, only one of them seems to be getting most of the cpu time.  I
know that erlang is built with smp enabled, so if it is cpu bound, why
can't it make use of the other 3 processors?

I thought that perhaps there was some internal write lock issue per
database that allowed only one thread to write to a db at a time, so I
tried running the benchmarks while hitting multiple databases, but still
got the same write rate across the databases.  Is there some globally
shared resource in couchdb that limits all writes to a single thread? 


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