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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Re: Current CouchDB state?
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2009 14:20:17 GMT
On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 08:52:55AM -0500, Jim Jagielski wrote:
> Yes, and it's called the ASF process.

Yes, so if you want to be a PMC member, there is provision for that.

> All of the above seems to reinforce the concept that one person's vote
> is more important than any else's on the PMC. I am struggling to
> understand the comprehension failure here. This is *not* the way
> the ASF works.

How could you possibly understand that from what I wrote?

As a PMC we are generally happy to be guided by Damien, and when we disagree
with him we do so as any normal member of the PMC. We have votes, we vote how we
feel, even if that means disagreement. If Damien suggested something that I
thought was totally bunk, I would happily call it as much on the mailing list.

> The ASF has for a long, long, long time avoided and actively restricted
> such concepts as "key developer" or "main author" or other such things.
> The idea is to create a community around the code that does not depend
> on a single person, nor is revolved around a single person. It's to
> create a community where people can make significant contributions
> and know that their vote counts just as much as anyones. It's to create
> a community that *survives*.

Okay, this is pushing into territory that I'm not comfortable traversing. The
PMC has never had a private vote where we all formally agreed to listen to
Damien and his One True Vision. I can only speak for my self here.

What are you suggesting I do, as a PMC member? Are you suggesting that I abandon
my respect for Damien and his existing vision? Are you asking me to not seek his
feedback and guidance on design issues?

At no point in any of this have I said that Damien is a true BDFL in this sense,
sorry if my language was confusing. A case in point is this stupid newlines patch
that I'm trying to get resolved. Damien doesn't like it, but that gives him no
special privileges. I'm not going to back down in fear of upsetting him.

I am absolutely not, in anyway, saying that Damien has veto power over anything
or that he is organisationally more important than the rest of the PMC. I am, on
the other hand, saying that he is a socially respected member of the community
and that the PMC tends to look to him for guidance on technical issues. Guidance
doesn't mean unequivocal acceptance. I don't understand the confusion, and I
don't know how many times I can reword this concept.

Noah Slater,

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