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From "Norman Barker" <>
Subject msvc inline variables couch_js.c
Date Wed, 31 Dec 2008 00:15:42 GMT

I am compiling the trunk of couchdb on windows having previously
compiled 0.8.1 successfully.  CouchDB compiles fine with a few minor
issues and futon works, and in addition I can post documents to the
server.  (Minor issue - specifying drive names in the ini file does
not work, so can only use '/...' instead of 'c:/'.

I started to compile spidermonkey to upgrade the couch_js engine as
well, I noted that in couch_js.c the variables are declared inline as
per (as per,
 and I need to cast pointers to longs to that MSVC knows the size, I
have fixed this up and it compiles.

Having done all this, when it comes to querying the server couch_js
fails with a bad_return_value code.

I would like to use the new version of couch_js (with its curl
dependencies) if possible so that I am truly running a couchdb 0.9 on
windows. Are the inline variables and casting issues that I mention
above something that has already been fixed somewhere?

Needless to say, it all works really nicely on linux :-)



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