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From Adam Kocoloski <>
Subject runaway compaction
Date Tue, 23 Dec 2008 00:32:50 GMT
Hi, I ran into an odd failure mode last week and I thought I'd ask  
around here to see if anyone has seen something similar.  I have a  
CouchDB server (recent trunk) on a large EC2 instance with a DB that  
sees a constant update rate of ~50 Hz.  I triggered a compaction when  
the DB had reached ~27M update sequences (80 GB in total).  The first  
pass finished after 7h40m, but of course another 1.4M updates had been  
written to the original DB.  So far, so good.

Unfortunately, the subsequent iterations of copy_compact() ran much  
slower than that original pass.  After a few passes, the compactor  
rate was equal to the new write rate, so it effectively entered a  
runaway mode.  The stats looked like

Pass 1:  7h40m    27870955 docs   1010 Hz
Pass 2:  3h44m     1473387 docs    110 Hz
Pass 3:  2h58m      617008 docs     58 Hz
Pass 4:  2h44m      450607 docs     46 Hz
Pass 23: 4h08m      719541 docs     48 Hz
Pass 24: 1h04m      436105 docs    113 Hz
Pass 25: 21 seconds -- done.

We stopped the new write load sometime after the end of Pass 23, and  
the compaction finished soon after that.

We turned the write load back on and have been compacting the DB once/ 
day ever since.  We haven't seen this runaway mode again.  I've  
reviewed the compaction code a couple of times, but I can't figure out  
what would cause such a dramatic slowdown.  Our system monitoring  
wasn't able to turn up any red flags, either -- in particular, all the  
latency/throughput/IOPS stats for the disk hosting the database were  
pretty much constant throughout the lifetime of the compaction.

Best, Adam

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