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From "Dusty Leary" <>
Subject view reduce and updating documents
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2008 20:18:23 GMT
I'm wondering about the 'reduce' part of views and how updating a
document is handled.

I think I understand how arbitrary views work, and how they can be
stored in a B-tree, and an update is 'cheap'...
I suppose it's:
A)  Drop old documents from views when the document is updated.
B) Re-run the view function on all new documents when the view is re-read.

First, is this correct?

Second:  In the face of a reduce function, how does this work?  It
seems like in the general case, you need to rebuild the entire view,
since you can't "remove" the effects of a single document from the

Unless maybe the reduce function is rerun on every view?
Or, partial reduce intermediates are cached, maybe in a tree?


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