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From "Kerr Rainey" <>
Subject Re: General Q about CouchDB
Date Thu, 18 Dec 2008 10:55:11 GMT
2008/12/17 Chris Anderson <>:
>> If you need / want to maintain consistency at all times in the
>> database you can't do it with CouchDB.
> Just to clear up any misconceptions: all the updates in a _bulk_docs
> request succeed or fail atomically. So as long as you're working on a
> single node, it is possible to ensure consistency while eg: changing a
> user's link url across a selection of blog posts.

OK, yes, there are ways you could build a CouchDB application where
the database is always consistent.  For example if no docs refer to
another in any way, then it will always be consistent.  If you can
engineer your app so that all updates that might effect any reference
also updates all docs in that ref graph, then that should maintain the
integrity.  But if you do that then you would get the same effect by
just using a single doc. But is that very useful?

I think it's useful to just get over the fact that the design
trade-offs will often come down to it being possible for the database
to be inconsistent and deal with that.  I don't think this is a
problem, it's just an anathema if you come from RDBMS land.


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