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From Sven Helmberger <>
Subject Re: newbie question #1
Date Sun, 28 Dec 2008 15:20:08 GMT
Geir Magnusson Jr. schrieb:
> I work for a company (10gen) that's making what I refer to as a 
> "document oriented" database (called MongoDB*), and I've long been 
> meaning to grok CouchDB.  Now that I have some time during the year-end 
> hibernation, I figured this is a good time to dig in.
> So I have some basic questions.  Warning - these are really basic, and 
> could be caused entirely by my current lack of caffination.  I assume 
> the best place to find docs is the wiki.  If there's something better, 
> any pointers welcome.
> First newbie question :
> Looking at, I 
> understand that _id and _rev are reserved fields in the document**.  
> Now, looking at the _all_docs example, I see I get back a list of docs :
> {
>   "total_rows": 3, "offset": 0, "rows": [
>     {"id": "doc1", "key": "doc1", "value": {"rev": "4324BB"}},
>     {"id": "doc2", "key": "doc2", "value": {"rev":"2441HF"}},
>     {"id": "doc3", "key": "doc3", "value": {"rev":"74EC24"}}
>   ]
> }
> what is "id"?  is that supposed to be "_id"?  

What you are looking at here is a view result, which is not the same as 
the document.

Documents have "_id" and "_rev" fields, views have "id" and "ref" fields 
that point to the document with the given field values.

If you want to query the documents, too, you have to use the 
include_docs=true option, in which case every row of your view result
has a "doc" attribute that contains the original document.

I think it was a good choice to have different names here.

> what is "key"?  [...]

"key" and "value" contain the key and value that were used in the emit 
function call that added the entry.

> [...]  I think that by reserving fields like this, 
> you can't claim to be storing JSON anymore, but "JSON--" or "almost 
> JSON". 

I would see that as a reasonable compromise..

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