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From Sven Helmberger <>
Subject Re: CouchDB API for Java/Groovy
Date Wed, 10 Dec 2008 08:11:38 GMT
Avi Flax schrieb:
> Two thoughts:
> 1) That's a lot of different java libraries for the same purpose. The
> community might be better served if all the project owners would get
> together and agree to focus on one of them, and deprecate the rest.

There are effectively two different java libraries that are working with
a current couchdb: couchdb4j and jcouchdb.

couchdb4j is the older one that already existed when I started working
on jcouchdb. Apart from it being last updated a year ago, I wouldn't
have started a new library if I would not think that it would be
worthwhile to do so.

Of course it might be better for the community if everyone worked
together on the minimal amount projects, but that's usually not how open
source works. People start projects with different ideas and goals.

My intention when writing jcouchdb was to find a way to work with your
own classes as couchdb documents (and with JSON in general). I did not
like the a way it is done with json-lib.

> 2) Once we have a good Java library, why would we need a Groovy
> library? Why not just use the Java library directly? 

As I understand it, you should be able use both couchdb4j and jcouchdb
(using either normal java classes or collections) in principal.

It might be possible to actually store and retrieve GroovyObjects in
jouchdb, but I don't really expect that to work out-of-the-box.

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