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From Liam Staskawicz <>
Subject another CouchDB evaluation Q
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2008 04:06:19 GMT
I'm also trying to weigh up the pros and cons of CouchDB for an  
upcoming project.  Here's a little bit of a profile:

  * Lots of raw data (ints/floats +timestamp) being written pretty  
much constantly
  * Periodic summarization and analysis on the raw data
  * Semi-structured, often changing data model making use of  
summarized data, running system rules etc.
  * webservice/API access to the summarized data
  * non-couchdb clients ideally participating in distribution/ 

Specific questions:
  - is there anything intrinsic to the CouchDB design that makes it  
less than ideal for frequent small writes?  I've read a lot about how  
CouchDB is good for read-mostly applications, but not much about what  
kinds of tradeoffs or compromises might be involved in write-heavy use.
  - is there information on the replication protocol, such that this  
could be implemented on a non-couchdb client?
  - is the notion of a variety of sources (threads) of write data an  
issue?  I've gathered that it's not from my investigations so far, but  
would like to make sure I've understood everything properly.

Thanks very much for any general thoughts or comments!


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