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From Jedediah Smith <>
Subject threaded email view
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2008 06:57:34 GMT
I'm using CouchDB to store and process emails.

Every email has a "message-id" header field containing a globally unique 
identifier and zero or more "references" and "in-reply-to" fields, each 
of which contains the message-id of a different message.

To construct a threaded view, a tree structure is built using 
"references" and "in-reply-to" as parent links. This implies that a 
message can have more than one parent, in which case it would appear 
multiple times in the view.

I would like to have a CouchDB view that allows me to easily construct 
threads in this way. Specifically, given a particular message, I want to 
get all of its directly or indirectly connected messages. Messages don't 
need to be in any particular order within a thread. It can be assumed 
that a thread contains a small number of messages, say <100

The view might have one or more other key fields (e.g. date) which will 
be used to sort the threads or restrict the range. When a range is 
given, the view returns all messages from each thread that contains at 
least one message in the range.

I want to be able to handle each of these cases with one request, 
without storing intermediate data in documents.

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