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From "Bahadır Yağan" <>
Subject Re: newbie help on issue of passing arguments to a view
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2008 14:30:57 GMT
I had the same difficulty when I first looked at couchdb. The feature is not
well documented I suppose. But the most relevant page is this one:
which lists the query options as:

> startkey=keyvalue
> startkey_docid=docid
> endkey=keyvalue
> endkey_docid=docid
> count=max rows to return
> update=false
> descending=true
> skip=number of rows to skip
> group=true *Version 0.8.0 and forward*
>  reduce=false *Trunk only (0.9)*

On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 5:11 PM, Douglas Fils <> wrote:

> Hello,
>  I am new to couchdb and looking into its potential use for us.  We have a
> huge amount of semi-structured data that on the surface might be better
> suited to couchdb vs something like MySQL.
>  I have set up a test server and I am able to store and call simple views
> like:
> function(doc) {   if (doc.FolkCde == 'S')  emit(doc.Latitude,
> doc.Longitude) }
> However,  I am curious if it's possible for couchdb to be sent arguments to
> a view?  For example could I do something like:
> ...:5984/lith/_view/test/v2/Mn  where the "Mn" argument is passed in and
> used for the doc.FolkCdr comparison?
> Am I fundamentally missing the message with this question?  In talking with
> a friend about this we wondered if a HUGE over simplification might be:
> couchdb:   semi-dynamic and semi-structured data, static queries
> (pre-defined views)
> RDMS:  semi-static (and well structured) data, dynamic queries
> Obviously the problem with such over simplifications is that they tend to
> be WRONG  :)  but we needed some way to differentiate the two.    I would
> really appreciate hearing about the issue of passing arguments to a couchdb
> view, it's not something I have found a lot of on the net which makes me
> think it's not the target audience of couchdb.   I have looked at other
> packages like Perserver and Dovetail but have various issues with them as
> well and worry about performance there.
> Thanks.. I'm looking forward to hearing about all this.
> Doug

Bahadır Yağan
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