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From Lucas Di Pentima <>
Subject CouchDB data replication question
Date Sat, 25 Oct 2008 13:32:27 GMT
Hello all, I'm new to this list and to CouchDB.

I'm looking for a storage solution for a website that currently generate
1 GB worth of MySQL (the current storage method) new data every month.

I know from browsing this mailing list archives that all the data is
replicated on all the nodes of a CouchDB cluster, and I see this as a
scalability problem that I would like to know if have some workaround.

Currently if I have for example 100 GB of data to be stored on a CouchDB
cluster, all the cluster's nodes will need at least 100 GB of free
space, so adding storage capacity to the cluster as a whole will need to
add storage capacity to all nodes, is there any way to manage the
replication and avoid this behaviour, or is it designed this way on

Thanks in advance
Lucas Di Pentima -
GnuPG Public Key:
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