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From "Chris Anderson" <>
Subject Re: A modest proposal for an erlang api for couchdb, v2
Date Mon, 15 Sep 2008 13:07:24 GMT
On Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 6:32 AM, Michele Sciabarra
<> wrote:
> But I realized that the internals of CouchDb are, of course, internals. Too
> low level to be useful.
> So I started to think about an API to be exposed that is simple enough to be
> used.
> To do so, I decided to start from the exposed layer, that is implemented in
> the couch_http.erl file.
> My idea was to write a couch_api.erl module that is doing essentially the
> same things that couch_httpd.erl does, only translated in an Erlang-ish API.

Another approach worth considering, is if the API that couch_httpd.erl
uses to access the internals, could be made into a public API. Maybe
it's just six of one, half-dozen of the other, but making couch_httpd
use a public API would mean we'd be dog-fooding, so it'd be assured to
stay up to date and all that.

Chris Anderson

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