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From Michele Sciabarra <>
Subject Re: A modest proposal for an erlang api for couchdb, v2
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2008 16:40:56 GMT
Paul Davis ha scritto:
> Watch this space!
> Actually "Watch couch_http.erl!"
> Damien mentioned a day or to ago in IRC that he's working on
> refactoring couch_http.erl to be more modular which is greatly needed.
> Not sure on the end design, but from the sounds of it he might be
> right this moment working on this part. Well, its 12:15, so he might
> actually be eating lunch. But you get the picture.
> Exciting times.
Well, I realized that the existing API mentioned in the Wiki 
( is almost the same I described (not 
surprisingly, being based on similar assumptions).
And that just documenting a simple refactoring of couch_http.erl should 
be enough to provide an Erlang API.

This way I concluded that using for now erlcouch , then waiting for a 
refactoring of couch_http.erl should allow me to do the minimu work to 
upgrade, when Damien will refactor the code and expose the API.

I am ready to do the documentaion effort, if needed.

My plan  however has a drawback: erlcouch is not working currently 
against the trunk :-( Any hints?


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