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From "Dean Landolt" <>
Subject Re: windows build?
Date Fri, 15 Aug 2008 04:21:06 GMT
On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 8:46 PM, Sho Fukamachi <>wrote:

> On 15/08/2008, at 4:53 AM, Ralf Nieuwenhuijsen wrote:
>  You have a point there. For the try-before-you-buy crowd, a windows
>> build would be very usefull.
> How large is the crowd of people who are technically skilled/curious enough
> to be wanting to try out advanced pre-release distributed REST-based
> database servers written in erlang with their cutting edge web applications
> that they are writing because they are programmers but at the same time
> can't manage to gain any access at all to a UNIX-like system? I would have
> thought it was zero ...
> Anyway, I would have thought the #1 reason for getting a windows build up
> and running is to fulfil the (currently somewhat distant) promise of being
> able to deliver Couch locally as an online/offline syncing file store or
> something, but that's all off in the future and not an urgent priority.

Speaking as a developer that can't get a *nix box stood up at my company if
my life (or project) depended on it, I'd say the population is certainly
greater than zero. Of course, as an Ubuntu user and all around FOSS-lover,
I'm not for lack of a couch sandbox -- but as far as developing something
for the 9-5, couch is totally off limits without a windows build.

That said, I totally agree with the below sentiment. Couch is still in alpha
-- as long as nothing's done to permanently preclude a multi-platform build
down the road, there's not much sense in gumming up the works during heavy
development. Sure, couch is *server* software, but as we move on down the
road to a more distributed net, localhost will likely be the server of
choice for more than a few -- look at what ajatus is doing without even a
whiff of a server-side. Once a 1.0 hits, with a Windows build Couch will be
one hell of an embed option for desktop developers.

>  I was more referring to the next phase, when somebody would actually
>> decide to use CouchDB.
>> In that case i would try to rely on software stacks in their 'native'
>> habitat. But that's just my preference.
> Geeze, I can *kind of* understand someone wanting to use Windows for
> development if they absolutely have to have DreamWeaver or something, but on
> a server?! Of course you are right that people should run server software,
> on servers, in their "native" environment. One doesn't use WINE to run IIS
> on Linux, one should not use cygwin or whatever to run Erlang/CouchDB on
> Windows.
> If you couldn't escape Windows on the server for some unbelievably good
> reason (like the aliens are threatening to blow up the world if you don't),
> then it would probably be easier/preferable to run it in Linux under VMWare
> anyway.

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