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From tamagawa <>
Subject Re: windows build?
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2008 17:12:58 GMT
Hello Jan and lists,

Now I'm done with new windows install sequence for 0.8.1.

Still I have errors with the test suites. Couch_js.exe crashes
many times.

In the build procedure,

 >Once you've built js.exe and js32.dll, copy them both to

is this right? It seems there's no js.exe built, instead
jsshell.exe is built with this command.

nmake -f "js.mak" CFG="jsshell - Win32 Debug"

Or am I missing something?


tamagawa wrote:
> Hello Jan and lists,
> I've just commited BuildingWindowsDependencyLibraries to wiki.
> This is a part of my Windows binary building procedure.
> I will update InstallingOnWindows page in several days and
> it will include a link to BuildingWindowsDependencyLibraries page.
> I will report about the errors if they are reproduced with 0.8.1.

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